lunedì 4 luglio 2016

ANG un bebè - WE LOVE IT

ANG un bebè

was created by the enthusiasm of Agnese Fazolo.
Agnese began almost as a joke, exactly in year 2005: in search of clothes to offer to a friend's son, and dissatisfied with the products available on the market, she decided to design her own clothes, giving concrete shape to her two main passions: children and clothes design.
The creative concept of ANG is based on simple, but effective philosophy. Agnese claims that she conceives her job as "frosting cupcakes:adding a hint of sweet and colourful to something already existing" In order to achieve this, she starts from colour. From one colour, actually. One of those bright colours that instinctively a ract children. Agnese eventually mixes it to other colours, in total freedom, without feeling bound by any rule. As a result she gets spontaneous, emotional combinations.
Then Agnese moves on to textures, associating such combinations to specific textures. ANG pays particular a ention to the choice of fabrics, always using natural, organic fibres.



bibi e il paese delle meraviglie consiglia ANG un Bebè 

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